5th February 2018


Welcome to 5 Jacques Cousteau Blog (Mr Beswarick’s class)

Our attendance this week was 99% meaning that we were able to collect our tenth good attendance voucher! Well done everybody.

Guided Reading: To boost our knowledge of news report structure and language, we have been exploring articles from First News. Our focus has been upon how the ‘where and why’ of the 5Ws has been organised by the journalist and editor.

Topic: Did the Athenians under the command of Miltiades make the right decision to attack Darias’ Persian forces in 490BC? If they hadn’t taken their moment of KYROS, their moment of opportunity, they wouldn’t have been able to get back from Marathon to Athens in time to protect their city! 

Maths: We’ve developed our written division calculation skills and we’re using Times Tables Rock-stars to improve the speed and accuracy with which we recall our tables facts.