27th November 2017

Welcome to 5 Jacques Cousteau Blog (Mr Beswarick’s class)

Our attendance this week was 98.1% so we were able to collect our 6th Good Attendance Voucher.

Maths: Our discussion has focussed upon factors. We have been investigating where we should place a number on our grid depending upon whether we judge it to be a prime or a composite number.

Science: Within our work on survival, we have been thinking about how fossils form. We set out to find a way to make a mould and to cast a fossil so that we could study it closely. Our next step will be to take on the role of a palaeontologist as we carefully separate the mould from the cast!

Maths Haribo Challenge Winners: Congratulations to all four children who made plausible suggestions about what our graph could be explaining. (For those who still need a suggestion, think about a bath filling with water.) Our new challenge involves Sylvester and Claude. Remember, you have to be in it to win it!

This week we collected a creditable 18 handshakes, but the winning class scored 23.