18th June 2018

Our attendance this week was 99% meaning that we were able to collect another good attendance voucher.  

Road Safety Week: We have had an exciting week, but also one that has aimed to put across important messages. Keeping everyone safe on our roads is uppermost in our minds.
We had a visit from the emergency services enabling us to talk to police officers and firemen about the equipment they use and the situations they deal with.

We’ve taken part in a road safety quiz that aimed to coach road crossing skills and make us aware of the different types of crossing that we might come across. We have investigated car stopping distances so that we can make wise choices about whether to cross the road or wait a little longer. Lastly, we built a mental image of how long a 200m walk actually is so that if our families need to park near school, we can make a wise decision about where to park, but still be on time.

11th June 2018

Welcome to 5 Jacques Cousteau Blog (Mr Beswarick’s class)

Commenting upon text structure: We are investigating how the structure of our news reports affects the reader. How did the reporter and the editor set out the text’s layout so that the reader finds it eye catching? How is the reader’s eye drawn through the text? How are the 5Ws introduced? What are the decisions that the reader needs to make?

Electrical conductivity: We predicted which materials would conduct electricity and so complete our test circuits, allowing our bulbs to light up.

Protractor Pro’: We have been giving compass directions and using common angles to describe amounts of turn. Now we are refining our protractor skills so that we can measure and draw angles accurately.

28th May 2018

Our attendance this week was 92.5% meaning that we were unable to collect another good attendance voucher. 


PTA Fund-Raising: A BIG THANK YOU to all those who helped raise funds for the PTA by joining in with Crazy Hair Day.

Working with Bema: We have been looking at the moves we can take from world cup football while constructing a dance with a west African theme!

21st May 2018

Writing Instructions: We WAGOLL assessed our instruction drafts and then, working in groups, we organised a Diamond 9 of skills to prioritise the skills we need to develop next. Our starting point is to add extra information using parenthesis. (using pairs of brackets, commas or dashes)

Maths: We have been testing out our decimal calculation skills with our dice game.

Science: After a ‘terrible accident’ that caused the salt, sand, paper clips and slate to be mixed together, we were challenged to separate the materials. We used a sieve, a magnet, filter paper and evaporation to accomplish our goal.