20th November 2017

Our attendance this week was 100% so we were joint winners of the competition and able to collect our 5th Good Attendance Voucher.

We are learning to shared read our Poem of the Moment entitled ‘The Listeners’. Within our Guided Reading groups, we have been working out how to add the expression and intonation so that we can share the lone traveller’s emotion.

Anti-Bullying Week: Our discussion has focussed upon what bullying looks like and how we should deal with it. We agree that keeping quiet about bullying is not an option, whichever week of the year it happens to be!

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who helped us to support Children in Need.

This week we collected 9 handshakes.

13th November 2017

Our attendance this week was 90% so we were unable to collect a Good Attendance Voucher.

Guided Reading: We investigated three current news stories and then selected one cause to champion. We explained our views, aiming to persuade others to adjust their view. Our vote shows a real difference in opinion. One of us thought that TV ratings were the most important issue, while the other two groups were arguing for money to be spent on keeping sports centres open, or the right to wear remembrance poppies during international football matches.

Darwin’s Voyage: We have begun to look at Darwin’s life so that we can understand why he is such an important British scientist. We are finding out about the observations that he made during his 5 year expedition aboard the Beagle between 1831 and 1836. We are looking to make a fossil collection in our classroom. Our picture shows us recounting Darwin’s life story from our story-boards.

A BIG THANKYOU to everyone who helped to support the Operation Christmas Child Appeal.

This week we collected 30 handshakes, but the winners had 40!

6th November 2017

Welcome to 5 Jacques Cousteau Blog (Mr Beswarick’s class)

Our attendance this week was 99.5% so we were unable to collect a Good Attendance Voucher.

Science: We’ve been investigating how light travels. To begin with, we used mirrors to angle light to hit a target object. Later, we recorded changes in shadow measurements as we moved an object away from a light source. We then used our ‘er’ statements to generalise about the pattern we noticed!

Biography: Our cold write task was to write a section of biographical text about a famous person. Within the picture, we are making sure of our facts using our washing line pad sheets.

Statistics: We have been working hard to improve our ability to read and interpret line graphs. We visualise the graph’s comparison beginning with the title and the axis labels. We have a new Haribo Maths challenge to discuss!

This week we collected 16 handshakes, but the winners had 29!

23rd October 2017

Urban Pioneers Gallery: We collaborated with Miss Smythe’s class to prepare our speeches so that we were ready to explain about our work when our real audience arrived!

Homework Projects: So far, we have had some fantastic responses to our homework project challenge. We were able to show our projects off as part of our gallery and we are looking forward to the 4 remaining projects arriving when we come back after half term.