22nd January 2018

Our attendance this week was  only 97.1% so we were unable to collect a good attendance voucher!

English: We have begun to explore the legend of Theseus and the Minotaur. Our aim is to report the story highlights using a news report style.

Maths: We have been investigating how we can multiply larger numbers. We have used an array to help us to break the process down into stages.

Greek food tasting: Our ‘Going for Gold’ Topic started in memorable style with a Greek food tasting session and some Greek dancing!

15th January 2018

Our attendance this week was 99.5% and this enabled us to win our 8th good attendance voucher!

The Listeners: Last half term our ‘Poem of the Moment’ was The Listeners by Walter de la Mare. View the clip to let us share the poem with you.

Art & Science: We have been looking at how creatures adapt to their surroundings so that they stand a better chance of surviving. Here we are creating abstract paint patterns using marble trays. We have used some of our pattern to act as a background while creating creature outlines out of another section of the pattern. When the creature is placed onto the background it is so well camouflaged that, from a distance, it seems to disappear!

Maths: We have begun to develop our written multiplication skills. To begin with, we used our floor array to explore our current skills. Once we had assessed our written calculation performances, we formed peer mentor partnerships to investigate the column decisions that caused us to make mistakes. Next, we formed groups to create questions that will need to be answered using a written method.

18th December 2017

Our attendance this week was 98.6 % and was the winning score this week!

Enterprise Product Sale: At 2pm on Wednesday 13th December, the doors opened and our customers arrived. They were very keen on our Sweet Treat Cookies and within half an hour we had completely sold out! We sold a total of 232 biscuits and having paid back the cost of ingredients and the float of change, we have made a satisfying £47.35 profit. Our Thanks go to all those who have supported our project.

Fossils: We have been taking on the role of a palaeontologist. We followed a scientific decision making process while studying the Baryonyx Mystery. We have made moulds and have taken fossil casts and here we are producing sketches of the patterns left in rock samples.


This week we collected a creditable 13 handshakes, but this was not good enough to win the trophy.