Despite the drizzly weather, Monday morning was full of happy, smiling faces as Mr Nunn’s class and Mr Beswarick’s class knew that our Ironbridge visit had finally arrived. With bag sizes ranging from compact to absolutely enormous loaded onto the bus, we waved goodbye to Carr Hill for the next 3 days.

After a long journey down in the rain, we were delighted to discover that the sun was shining when we arrived in Shropshire. This meant that we could enjoy a leisurely walk across the Iron Bridge that the town takes its name from. The children were glad to finally spot the ‘real’ Iron Bridge as we had already had many other potential sightings on the bus, most of which turned out to be motorway bridges! Within a very short space of time, our children had already received compliments from other visitors who commented on how sensible and polite they were. As always, they have been a credit to the school and they are already making us very proud.

As soon as we finished eating our lunch, we spent a little bit of time sketching the bridge before making our way to the Youth Hostel. The walk to the Youth Hostel was filled with plenty of excitement as the children wondered what their rooms would look like, who they would be sharing with and, most importantly, what would be for tea! 

The children are now enjoying an evening of activities inside and outside the Youth Hostel after an extremely enjoyable meal. Hopefully this will set everyone up for a very quiet and peaceful night’s sleep…

We’ll write again tomorrow after our trip to Blists Hill, a Victorian town which we are sure the children will love.

See you soon