Institution Maintenon

   Over the past year we have developed a link with a partner school in France.  The school is the Institution Maintenon, in Sommières in the Languedoc region of the South of France. 


Pupils have enjoyed the experience of writing and receiving letters to and from children in a different part of the world.  We have also exchanged several video-conferencing calls where the children are able to see and speak to each other on screen.  This has been a thoroughly entertaining and valuable experience.  Carr Hill pupils were quite jealous that their French counterparts do not wear uniform!  On the other hand, the French pupils actually told us that they wish they did have a smart uniform!  We often compare the weather in the two different countries.  Whilst here at Carr Hill it might be a dull, rainy day, over there it may be glorious sunshine.

Year 4 pupils practised speaking using their knowledge of animal and colour vocabulary, and were thrilled to find that the children in France could understand them.

Year 6 pupils have introduced themselves and said a little bit about themselves in French and been able to ask and answer questions. 

To find out more about the school visit their website at