10th July 2017


Charlotte came to read me her non-fiction recount of the visit from Partake Theatre Company. I was so impressed with the detail and imaginative vocabulary she used.

Skye came to see me as Mrs Higgingbottom was so impressed with her kindness towards a classmate. Well done Skye!

Breah came to read me her wonderful writing. In F2 the children have been looking at traditional tales and she has written her version of ‘The Gingerbread Man’. I was very impressed with her spelling and handwriting as well as her superb story-telling!

Taylor came with Aaron to play a tune on his guitar. They both played really confidently.

3rd July 2017

Ben and Max came to read me their detailed recounts of their Pirate Adventure Day with Partake Theatre Group. They used paragraphs and interesting vocabulary to add detail to their writing. Take a look at these films to hear the boys reading their work.

Adwyn came to show me the amazing rainforest themed piñata she made for her homework challenge. It is such an unusual way to showcase her skills and knowledge. It is full of rainforest goodies and facts. I know her class are looking forward to using it!


Liam came to show me his amazing rainforest homework. He was able to talk to me about each of the different layers of the rainforest and how he made his model. 

23rd June 2017

Logan came to read me his writing based on ‘Zoo’ by Anthony Browne. He had written a really sensitive account, from the viewpoint of an orang-utan. I was so impressed with the detail and sensitivity in his writing. Well done Logan.


Connie came to read me her wonderful writing, recounting the story of the The Three Little Pigs. She had used her phonics really successfully and written two pages! The poor old wolf came to a very watery end! Well done Connie.


Cameron came to show me the  maths challenge books he had made at home. He wanted to practise his number bonds. He chose to make the books on a ‘Pirate’ theme as that is his class’ topic at the moment. Well done Cameron.

Miss Footitt asked Rihanna to come and see me as she was so impressed with her attitude; how she praised and thanked the teachers who had worked so hard with the production of Matilda. She also showed her compassion for others by asking to make a collection for the victims of the Grenville fire disaster. Well done Rihanna!