12th May 2017

Jay came to show me his amazing cress diary homework. He had planted seeds and kept a detailed record of how the seeds sprouted and grew. He then made his own cress person. He was very proud of his work and rightly so!

28th April 2017



Jessica is our youngest member of The Hall of Fame so far. She came, with Miss Smith, to tell me about her wonderful writing.  She was very brave facing all the children in our assembly!

Kenzie came to tell me about how hard he has been working on his spellings lately. It is really paying off. He was very proud!

Mrs Smith came to tell me how she had noticed Violet and Jasmin being really welcoming and friendly to a supply teacher in school. They made sure she knew where to find the dining hall and checked she was ok. True Carr Hill pupils!

Mrs Thompson came to talk to me about how impressed she has been with Katie’s Maths work lately. She has been spotting patterns, making links and doing lots of wondering. This is helping her to gain a deeper understanding of her learning and she clearly enjoys finding out about Maths!

17th March 2017

James came to show me his amazing fractions work. He had understood the method well and set out his work very neatly. He was also able to work out the challenges I set him. 

Georgia, Ethan and Sophie  came to read me their extracts of descriptive writing about Michael Morpurgo’s Kensuke’s Kingdom. They had used ‘violent verbs’ to give the sense of the storm that wrecked Michael’s (the main character) boat. Watch these films to hear their fabulous word choices.