No More Polystyrene!

In an effort to reduce waste within school, the Green Champions began collecting the polystyrene ice cream pots from the school kitchen after they discovered that it takes over 500 years for them to decompose in landfill.  Over the course of two terms over 2000 were collected and used to build the model wind turbine which now stands in the school entrance hall.

The children then wrote to Mrs Parsons to explain how damaging polystyrene is to the environment, who then met with the Green Champions to suggest some alternatives. We are pleased to report that the ice cream is now cut from blocks, which has considerably reduced the amount of packaging and it is also almost half the price! This has been such a valuable experience for the children to  see  how their behaviour can effect positive change for the environment.

The Big Battery Hunt continues! Our latest campaign is well and truly underway with the first bin already full.  2300 is our total so far so please keep sending them in. 

Green Champions

The Green Champions of Carr Hill were established in the Autumn of 2016 following the installation of the Solar Panels and consist of two volunteers from each class across Key Stage 1 and 2. The aim was to raise awareness of issues affecting our environment both at school and at home and empower them to make a positive contribution.
The Green Champions have undertaken a number of initiatives throughout the year which have undoubtedly had a positive impact on life at Carr Hill.

An electricity audit was carried out in the Autumn of 2016, which found many electrical items being left switched on unnecessarily and it also highlighted the huge number of fluorescent tubes we have in school. It is proposed that the old tubes will be exchanged for energy efficient LED tubes during the summer break. Although we experienced a few teething problems with the solar panel installation it would appear that they are currently generating approximately 25% of the schools energy requirement.


A dedicated compost area has now been established where waste from the school kitchen is now composted on a daily basis, as well as fruit cores and peels that the children enjoy for their snacks.

A rather dirty examination of the classroom waste bins revealed that a large amount or paper and cardboard was being disposed of as general waste. Dedicated paper and cardboard bins are now emptied daily into our recycle bins and this increase led to Veolia becoming the schools new waste contractor.

Polystyrene ice cream cartons from the kitchen cannot be recycled so they are again collected on a daily basis, washed out and reused in the Foundation stage for model building and the Green Champions are midway through the construction of a model wind turbine: made almost entirely of ice cream tubs!

Continuing the recycling and reusing them Mr Carter has been saving wooden pallets left over from the school’s paper deliveries. These have stacked and stuffed with various natural materials to create a ‘bug hotel’; a habitat for bugs, spiders and other ‘minibeasts.’ We are currently waiting to see who moves in!

As a reward for all their hard work and dedication over the course of the year, The Green Champions were invited by Veolia Waste to their Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in Mansfield. This is a huge facility where all of Nottinghamshire’s household recycle bins are emptied. They learned in detail about what items can and can’t be recycled and had a special guided tour of the MRF. It takes under 20 minutes from being placed on the first conveyor for all the material to be separated out into paper and cardboard, steel cans and tins, aluminium cans and aerosols and plastic bottles. Approximately 20% of the material are things which have been incorrectly recycled cannot be recovered. This is sent for incineration.

Looking to the future we are hoping to install water butts in our new community garden area. Plastic bottle tops cannot be recycled at the moment so we are looking to reuse them in school.

We want your plastic bottle tops!
Please start saving now and bring them in to school in September.