2nd July 2017

We earned 15 handshakes this week which was a good total and it complimented our 98.1% attendance perfectly. 

Rainforest Projects
Several children have brought their projects in already but just under half of the class still need to do so. Here is Alfie with his lovely lion mask. Well done, Alfie!

Spellings, Reading and Multiplication Tables
It is still a requirement for every child to read a little bit, practise any spellings and/or tables that they need to work on every night. I have to say that it is obviously having beneficial effect because the scores of those children putting in the hard work are improving greatly.

Summer Enterprise
Our class sale of orange and mixed fruit ice pops has begun and is in full swing. The sales teams have already managed to sell £49.50 worth of stock. We have started a record of how much we are spending on cordial and how much we are earning.

Summer Fair
A small flyer has gone out today with a plea from the PTA for anything in bottles from Year 4! This doesn‘t have to be alcoholic but could in fact be shower gel, water, cordial, pop or engine oil – if you so desire! Please send your donation in with your child but ask them to check that lids are on tight before travelling with it to school. Anyone available to help at the Summer Fair would be most welcome. You could probably choose, at this stage, where you would like to help but nearer the time, might get placed with an attraction needing support.

That’s all folks !