23rd June 2017

Another good week for attendance. We scored 98.1% just earning an award and our handshake total was 22. 

Exciting Events
The week has been dominated by our exciting trip to Twycross Zoo and Sports Day. It is safe to say that our visit was a huge success and that everyone on it had a great time. We saw a huge variety of animals and learnt a lots about the facilities provided from them. It was immediately clear that Twycross staff care greatly about their animals and give them plenty of enrichment activities in their enclosures, unlike the zoo featured in Anthony Browne’s ‘Zoo’ story.

Here are just some of the photographs from the day. We will be writing a discussion text based on the pros and cons of keeping animals in captivity, next week.

Summer Enterprise
This will start next week. Our class has £30 to spend on equipment for making ice pops. We even have a freezer to make them in so all we really need is hot weather again! We hope to make lots of money for charity and some for us too!