19th June 2017

Another fabulous week for winning prizes! We won the handshake trophy with our total of 15 handshakes and our attendance score was 98.6%. Unfortunately this week has started with some absences which we hope won’t affect our attendance or the Twycross Zoo visit.

Green Fingers
We have kept an eye on our potatoes and snapdragons, making sure that they have had just enough water to keep them growing healthily. Our latest endeavour is to grow some marigolds – orange and yellow ones. We have decided to graph their progress over the next few weeks and can already report that they are on average 1.9cm tall!

Water Promises
We all received a postcard from the visitor who came into school from Severn Trent Water. On it, we were encouraged to choose things that we could do at home which might help to save water (and money!) Already, children in 4FM have tried turning their taps off while brushing teeth, switching the shower off while shampooing and flushing the toilet a little less often. I really hope that they still washed their hands though!

Zoo Visit
We are really looking forward to our visit to Twycross Zoo on Tuesday. The children are aware that they will need a packed lunch and plenty of drinks. Hats will be provided by school. Anyone with a tendency towards travel sickness should be sent with a labelled envelope containing medication for the journey home. Please medicate for the morning trip at home.

We will take lots of photographs of the various animals to help us write a recount of our trip when we get back. Our English the following week will focus on the positive and negative aspects of zoos in general.

Overdue Books
We are having a book amnesty at present in the school library to find books that have been out on loan for more than 100 days. At present we have 5 children with overdue books who really do need a hand to search for them at home. Each child has a slip in their reading record book telling them which book they are searching for.