12th June 2017

Apologies for not blogging sooner! 

The week before the holidays was really well attended and a fabulous week of hard work and achievement. Attendance was 99.8% and our handshake total was 12.

The children worked really hard on completing a newspaper article about the deforestation of rainforests across the world and I was impressed to see their confident use of headlines, sub-headings, quotes with speech marks and keywords. 

Rainforest Projects
A few projects have come in already and so far they have been wonderfully creative. Here are some pictures….

Potato Challenge
It looks as though our potato plants have benefitted from our ‘heaping up’ of compost before half term. The plants are tall and strong. At the moment, they are looking the healthiest out of all of the plants but that does not necessarily mean the best crop…we will have to wait until the flowers have finished in order to dig up our spuds! 
Thank you to our hardy team of ‘waterers’ who keep giving the soil around the plants a good drink.

Green fingers!
It seems that gardening is in our fingers at present. Not only did we weed the new planter boxes in the community garden but we have potted on some Snapdragon seedlings. We are hoping to transplant them into the planters when they are big enough.

This week’s attendance score was 100% and our handshake total was 15 which won us both awards this week.