20th March 2017

A much better week of attendance this week! Our score of 98.1% earned us a certificate to add to our collection. We are beginning to ‘spend’ these treats now and have already ordered a free pudding from Dawn in the kitchen for sometime during the week before Easter. This will be for everyone in class regardless of dinners or sandwiches!

Assessment Week
We have been assessing children in Mathematics, Reading, Spelling and Spag knowledge this week and I must say that most of the children have worked extremely hard to show off their developing skills. We have some time next week to look over the papers and work out any misconceptions as well as learn new ways to tackle unfamiliar styles of question.

Potato Challenge.
We have taken time outside today to plant our 5 potatoes for the Retford in Bloom Potato Challenge. Hopefully it is going to be a rainy weekend  Our spuds will be looked after all of next term and will hopefully result in some fine vegetables to (possibly) win awards with. Fingers crossed!

We almost won the handshake contest but failed to win ‘Class of the Week’ by just 4 – the winners earned 22 to our 18. Better luck next week!