13th March 2017

Our attendance was really disappointing last week with only 93.9%  As a class, we have decided to really try hard to make it to school every session this week in order to save ourselves from the embarrassment of coming nearly last again! We need to be in school to prevent missing vital links between lessons too.

Our handshake total was less of a disappointment with 12 in total – keep up the good work!

We spent time last week refreshing our memories about fractions and their link to decimals, various spelling rules that we have already covered and a couple of sessions setting sensible questions for our tour guide at the mosque when we visit it.

Here are some maths pictures that your child should be able to talk about in fraction terms (Violet’s picture) or in decimal terms.  

Easter Enterprise
We have decided to make mini Easter buckets with chocolates in that will be prices at £2 each.

We also have some Easter wrist bands on sale for £1 each. If we have time, we might be able to make some sequined eggs but that craft is on standby at present! Our stall will be open on March 23rd and 24th in the playground and sales, hopefully, will be brisk.

PE Kit
Just a reminder that PE lessons are on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Children need a plain or school white T shirt and black or navy bottoms of some sort with no stripes or logos on them. A change of footwear is also needed.