6th February 2017

Apologies for the lack of blog last week. Here goes with this week’s news! Our attendance was once again not great with just 93% but whilst some are missing days at school, other children in class are heading towards another voucher for 100% attendance since Christmas. We earned a respectable 12 handshakes this week.

The children have behaved impeccably well at EA today and have participated in 5 different Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics activities. I am sure that with the photograph prompts, your child will be able to describe the activity to you in detail. You might also be invited to try their pasta salad!  PICSTURES HERE

We are all learning our 7th set of 10 spellings and some children are getting full marks or close which is great. There is a group of children who need to put much more effort into learning the words, either by writing them out lots of times or working with their letter pots that have already been provided. It would be lovely to give out some more stars for higher marks in next week’s test.

Coffee and Cake
Please don’t forget that on Thursday, 9th February, there will be a coffee and cake afternoon in the school dining hall. Feel free to send cakes in even if you cannot attend – I’m sure that they will be eagerly consumed! Anyone wishing to help the PTA out with this event, or others, please contact Vanessa Smith in school.