27th February 2017

This week saw our class reap 10 handshakes which was a little better than in previous weeks. Our attendance was very nearly worthy of a certificate with a score of 97.4%

The key feature of our week was the focus of ‘Time’ in maths which, it is fair to say, some children found tricky. It would certainly help if clock and watch reading became a home activity – something really simple to add into daily routines. The children need to be able to read an analogue clock, understanding which hand shows hours and minutes, then also be able to relate that time to 24 hour clock. So 2.30pm = 14:30hrs
Finally, the children are expected to be able to work out the duration of an event, using a number line or formal written calculation, bearing in mind that time is counted in 60s rather than 100s. All quite challenging, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Outdoor PE was interrupted by the bad weather last week but will hopefully return to cricket with Mr Bell this Thursday. Mrs Tuddenham is teaching the children how to perfect their gymnastic techniques in indoor PE. Full kit is needed each Tuesday and Thursday.

Getting ready for the lesson safely and sensibly.

Following a look at poems in Guided Reading and English lessons over the last two weeks, the children are designing their own robot in order to write a poem about it. Their ideas are based loosely on ‘The Coming of the Iron Man’ poem by Brenda Williams which in turn was based on the famous story by Ted Hughes. The poems will be on display in the classroom as well as written up in Writing books – something to look out for on Parent’s Evening, perhaps?

A few of the Roman shield projects have made it into school and they are fabulous! Again, these are on display for everyone in school to see. The children have done a fantastic job of designing a suitable shield which we will use to practise the Roman legionary ‘tortoise’ move soon!