23rd January 2017

Our attendance was really very poor this week with only 90%. Despite that, our handshake total was a fairly decent 12. Please let’s all try harder to come to school if we possibly can. Topic work is getting exciting amongst other things! Attendance scores of 100% for last term were rewarded throughout this week with computer and construction clubs happening during lunchtimes. Film club has been enjoyed by everyone on the two occasions it has run.

Marvellous Me

We have sent lots of badges and messages this week so congratulations to everyone who has earned some praise.


We have begun reading Charlotte’s Web by E.B White and our English lessons have been spent learning a small extract from the text. Talk for Writing has enabled the children to learn the extract in quite some detail so that, in coming lessons, they can alter the text and invent a new version with, perhaps, different characters and slight plot twists.

Here is the video of our Talk for Writing in action!