25th December 2016

What an awesome week! Our handshake total was 28 which won us the trophy.

Christmas Enterprise
The big success of the week was the Christmas Enterprise for which the class had made orange tree decorations and chocolate truffles. We also sold some novelty rubbers and pencils, raising a whopping £98.90 in total! £30 of that had to be returned to our lender which enabled us to think about what to do with the remaining £68.90. After lengthy talks, the class have decided to split it 3 ways. £23 to Bluebell Hospice for Children, £23 to BARK animal sanctuary and £23 for our coffers, in preparation for the Easter Enterprise.
Huge thanks to everyone who came to support our efforts.

Open Morning for Parents
We have just about finished our Christmas lanterns in preparation for the Christmas Singalong event. We enjoyed the company of Charley’s mum and little sister, Lucy’s mum and William’s mum who all made a lantern too.

This week, the children will be setting themselves up with reading books and spellings for the holiday, as well as a new speed square booklet to practise with. 

I’d like to say that I hope you all have a happy and healthy Christmas holiday and a wonderful time celebrating New Year.