12th December 2016

We start as usual with attendance which this week was just below the required 98% to get a certificate. Well done to all children who attended each day – keep it up!
Handshakes seemed in good supply this week but we were pipped to the post with a score of 27 by a Year 6 class when we collected an impressive 20. I’m sure we’ll get the trophy again soon though.
Christmas Enterprise
The children continued to work hard towards the Christmas Enterprise this week and were very keen to work on some ‘shop keeper’ style maths, dealing with £5, £10 and £20 notes and not only totting up the total of goods but handing back the right amount of change. I’m sure that our customers on Monday 12th will appreciate these skills – we really don’t wish to short change ourselves or our lovely customers!

Poetry Corner
I have challenged the children to write a Christmas version of The Sound Collector poem by Roger McGough…. This will, I hope, be featured in next week’s blog, along with photographs of our (hopefully successful) class stall from Enterprise afternoon.

There are still some children not reading at home, either alone or to an adult. This is part of their homework requirement along with around 10 minutes of spelling work or times tables,- whichever is most pressing. I have seen a rise in attainment in those children who are putting in the effort. Home reading helps because we don’t always have personal reading time within the school day. On a daily basis, we have guided reading which happens in groups using a text that the children read together. Sometimes it can be a whole week before children get chance to pick up their library book in school unless they keep up with it at home. Spelling-wise, we are starting to learn the 5th set of 10 spellings on the Year 3/ 4 list in organisers.

Christmas Party
Can I advertise the Phase 3 / 4 Christmas party please? A letter will be going out on Monday to ask for kind donations of food for the children to enjoy. If you send anything in a biscuit tin or sandwich box, could I ask that you put your child’s name on it please? Also encourage your child to wear suitable party clothes, i.e. ones that they can run around in during party games in the hall and also outside during break time. Thank you.

Hope to see some of you at the Christmas Enterprise event!