7th November 2016

Welcome back!

After the half term holiday, we have had a very good week celebrating Divali and have also earned lots of handshakes (total is a secret just yet!)

Our attendance was reasonable but could have been a little better at 97.3%

The school council, with our class represented by Olivia, met at lunchtime on Friday and one of their jobs is to think about the attendance awards – watch this space!

Voting also took place for Green Warriors. Violet and Taylor were voted in as our class representatives and will no doubt be reporting back to us after next Monday’s meeting on all things ‘green’ e.g. composting and energy saving.

This week was the time in the Hindu calendar when Divali or ‘The Festival Of Light’ is celebrated. We have carried out the following activities along with our usual spelling, reading, handwriting:

Reading and writing the story of Rama and Sita

Design and clay work – making diva lamps

Design and clay work – making diva lamps

ICT mendhi patterns

Cooking – coconut barfi

Divali problem solving and subtraction calculations

All good fun!

We have also learnt about the upcoming time of Remembrance where many of us try to wear a red poppy while we think about soldiers and their families.

Please remind your children to read and record the pages, plus any tricky words, in their purple record book. The 6 times table is also still our focus in maths, particularly as we are moving from addition and subtraction onto multiplication and division next week. Unless a retest is needed, children should be learning the third set of ten words from their keyword list (in organisers).