17th July 2017

We won an attendance certificate again but were a long way off the winning score of 23 handshakes…..maybe we can win next week for Miss King’s final week at Carr Hill?!

There has been some outstanding art work done over the last 2 days. Our topic has lent itself to some sketching but it has also given us the chance to try out a new art ‘medium’ (way of applying colour).

Having never used oil pastels before, the children had to learn how these crayons behaved on the paper and how much it was possible to smudge the colour as they would have done with chalk pastels and charcoals. Here are a few of the finished pieces of work. I’m sure you’ll agree that the colours and shapes have been very carefully observed.

Summer Enterprise
Once again, we have been selling our ice pops and have made a small amount more this week. After next Wednesday, we will count up our total, decide how much to split between ourselves and our charities and make sure we enjoy a treat for all of our hard work!

Summer Fair
Don’t forget it is the summer fair tomorrow. It would be great to see lots of you there! Feel free to offer your services to the PTA ladies if you can help to run a stall or tidy up afterwards 

Carrier bags
The children will be bringing their work home on the last day of term and will need extra bags for their files and books. Please make sure that they have something with them.

10th July 2017

A good week of assessment work with some outstanding results has been achieved by 4FM this week! More on that later…

Our attendance was a little lower than usual on 96.5% but our handshake total was a pleasing 13.

Summer Enterprise
We have been taking it in turns to serve the hot and hungry masses with our orange and summer fruits ice pops and so far, have made £112.50 to add to our total for charity. We have decided to tie our own ‘slice of the profit’ in with our tropical treat for attendance. We might even have a few pence each to bring home!

Class Changeover Day
We got to meet our new teachers on Thursday and it seems to have gone well – everyone has at least one friend in their new class 

Homework Projects
It is time to bring in any last minute projects so that we can do our usual show and tell session and speak about them. It would be lovey to send a few children down to Key Stage 1 with their projects to inspire the younger children (only if they need it!).

Summer Fair
Year 4 are being asked to bring in bottles of any kind for use at the summer fair. It could be shampoo, cordial, alcohol, vinegar….anything in a bottle, within reason! We have already collected 3 large bottles of fizzy orange!

2nd July 2017

We earned 15 handshakes this week which was a good total and it complimented our 98.1% attendance perfectly. 

Rainforest Projects
Several children have brought their projects in already but just under half of the class still need to do so. Here is Alfie with his lovely lion mask. Well done, Alfie!

Spellings, Reading and Multiplication Tables
It is still a requirement for every child to read a little bit, practise any spellings and/or tables that they need to work on every night. I have to say that it is obviously having beneficial effect because the scores of those children putting in the hard work are improving greatly.

Summer Enterprise
Our class sale of orange and mixed fruit ice pops has begun and is in full swing. The sales teams have already managed to sell £49.50 worth of stock. We have started a record of how much we are spending on cordial and how much we are earning.

Summer Fair
A small flyer has gone out today with a plea from the PTA for anything in bottles from Year 4! This doesn‘t have to be alcoholic but could in fact be shower gel, water, cordial, pop or engine oil – if you so desire! Please send your donation in with your child but ask them to check that lids are on tight before travelling with it to school. Anyone available to help at the Summer Fair would be most welcome. You could probably choose, at this stage, where you would like to help but nearer the time, might get placed with an attraction needing support.

That’s all folks !