15th May 2017

A fairly short blog this week – a week when we said goodbye to Reuben who has transferred to a school closer to home. We wish him all the best and hope to see him around Retford.

Our attendance was a very pleasing 98.6% and we earned 8 handshakes. Several children were awarded Superstar certificates in assembly on Friday for things such as improved handwriting, fabulous non chronological report writing and a willingness to share prior knowledge. Keep up the good work children!

Potato Competition
We can report that our 5 potato plants are all peeping out of the soil now and so it is time to cover them over with new compost. This will hopefully encourage side shoots and new potatoes to grow. Alex and Emily are our current watering team, taking 2 jugs full of water every afternoon break, each.

Rainforest Topic
Having learnt a thing or two about the ancient Maya from central America, we have moved on to learning about rainforests. The children have looked at Google Earth to see how the terrain in a rainforest compares to our landscape and now have a better understanding of where the daily rainfall in areas like the Amazon ends up. They have already learnt about the 4 layers within the forests and have an understanding of ‘what makes a rainforest a rainforest’.
In general, it has been fascinating to see which children have an affinity with maps and atlases and also to witness their enthusiasm in sharing their knowledge with their classmates.

The homework project is based on rainforests and can be interpreted in any way the children wish. Models can be made, plants can be grown, paintings painted, presentations assembled….really there is no limit to the type of project that can be undertaken!

If we can have them all in by the date on the homework letter that was given out last Friday, we will be able to present our work to each other and photograph it all for the blog.

8th May 2017

We had a really nice week creating some Mayan artwork and poetry this week but with it being Bank Holiday on the Monday, the time seemed to fly by!

Our attendance was a pleasing 98.1% which meant that we were awarded a certificate. We also spent one of our certificates this week on Dawn’s lovely raspberry and white chocolate chip cookies from the kitchen – Yummy!

We earned 7 handshakes this week too…not a bad total for a short week.

Mysterious Mayans
If you visit school, have a look at the Mayan headdress on the display outside our classroom. It is made with our version of ‘quetzal whoc’ tail feathers. We had great fun making our own masks but ran out of time to make feathers for them too – perhaps this could be a summer holiday activity?!

PE with Mr Bell has been on Monday just for this week and so, after another lesson later in the week, some kits will be coming home for a wash. Please remember to include trainers, dark plain bottoms and a white t-shit in the kit.

We are now on to the 10th list of 10 words on our Year 3 and 4 list and I am happy to report that some children have really made an effort to learn them already. As soon as most of these words are grasped, the weekly spelling quiz will be from the whole selection of words and there will be a chocolate prize for great achievement ;)

1st May 2017

It was lovely to hear that the class had worked hard and shown just how well they can behave while I was off ill this week – well done 4FM!

This week, the class percentage for attendance was 99.4% and our handshake total was a healthy 10.

Potato Challenge
It seems that our little patch of potatoes is taking its time to grow! It is not without effort though because Grace and Olivia have been giving the spuds a good jug or two of water daily. We plan to build up the compost around the plants next week in a bid to get the plants sending side shoots out. These will then, hopefully, develop into potatoes.

Wellbeing Day
It would be remiss of me not to mention the day that we spent last week at the Elizabethan Academy where the children experienced some health and wellbeing classes. I think the outright favourite was the yoga class – for some reason, the children liked lying down and relaxing!! They all made another healthy dish and also a lavender eye pillow.

The children are starting to work really hard on their spelling and I can sense a real keenness to do well. We are now learning our 10th and final set of 10 spellings (Nadira is on her 4th set) and in a few weeks it will be random words from the whole list! Please work with your child if they have a set of flashcards or a box of letters as this will help their visual memory develop for these pretty awkward words.

P.E Kit
Just a quick reminder that PE kit is needed in school – white top and plain navy, grey or black bottoms and a fresh pair of plimsolls or trainers. Socks if necessary.

Have a great Bank Holiday everyone!

27th March 2017

Attendance this week was 97.4% so the class did not have chance to win a certificate. Handshakes totalled 15.

It has been a busy week getting all recent topic work up to date and organised. Our Topic files are looking very nice now – all ready for Parent/Teacher meetings next week.

Button Club/SeWhat
The children in Button Club enjoyed strutting their stuff on the FOYPiB catwalk on Wednesday evening and repeated their fabulous show during Good Work assembly on Friday. I think it is fair to say that taking part in ‘SeWhat’ is a very enjoyable experience! Look out on the Website for the write-up 

Religious Education – Visit and Food Tasting
Wow! What a fascinating visit! We were told all sorts of information by Zaheed at the mosque. He was a really friendly chap who liked to joke along with us whilst also telling us the really important beliefs of all loving and peaceful Muslims. We learnt about the Muslim’s acceptance of all their faiths and understood easily how true Muslims could never be responsible for nasty things that we see happening in the news. True Muslims care greatly for every living thing and would not expect to live on in Paradise after Judgment day if they had done more bad deeds than good.
Here are one or two pictures from the trip….

We have had chance to taste some of the common foods enjoyed by Muslims. Other religious groups of people like Sikhs and Hindus also enjoy these foods and it is fair to say that Christians like these foods too! There is no rule about who can eat what in our country. We tried poppadoms, pakoras, samosas, bhajis, pitta bread with curry sauce and mango chutney.

Poppadoms were my favourite because they had a nice flavour. The vegetable bhaji was my least favourite because it had too much onion in it.
— Jasmin
I liked the samosa because it had a nice aftertaste
— Taylor J

Red Nose Day
Thank you to all children and members of staff who brought in £1 to put towards our school donation. We should have raised a lot for this great cause. We didn’t get chance to sing the Red Nose Day song but at least we got around to hearing the jokes in class – just! Emily won our little contest with 8 votes!

And finally….Easter Enterprise
I am very pleased to say that we have sold out of Easter wristbands and chocolate egg buckets that the children made. We have earned a nice little sum of money which we intend to split between Bassetlaw Hospice, WaterAid and ourselves 