20th March 2017

This week Foundation began by planting potatoes as part of the new Carr Hill in Bloom challenge. We have been given five seed potatoes to plant and look after and the challenge is to see which class can grow the most! Keep a close eye on the vegetable beds outside Key Stage 1 to see how we get on!

On Tuesday the children enjoyed their first school trip with a visit to Morrisons as part of their 'growing' topic. They enjoyed visiting the 'staff only' area upstairs where they got to taste lots of unusual and exotic fruits, such as passion fruit, Sharon fruit and figs! After that Morrisons opened a till specially for them to buy a piece of fruit with their own money and get a receipt. The children were extremely polite and well behaved, we were very proud of them all!

We have also been very busy back in the classroom writing thank you letters and discovering different pairs of numbers that add up to 10. 

Attendance has been excellent this week by both classes with Van Gogh achieving 100% for the second week on the trot.