21st November 2016

Well, what a fantastic week we have had in Foundation this week. It all started on Monday with a visit to the Potato bus where we learnt lots of interesting facts about potatoes. How to plant them, how they are sorted and the different foods that we make with them. 

In class we cooked eggs in lots of different ways as we imagined what the giant's favourite might be from our book Shhh.. we then used lots of hard boiled eggs to help with our counting.

Outside we found a tiny little door and were very excited to find that Eddy the Elf had moved in and left us a note. This inspired lots of writing and creativity as the children made him a garden.

As well as Children In Need, this week has also been Anti Bullying week. We used the analogy of a bruised apple to help the children understand that unkind words can make someone feel very sad on the inside, even though they might not show anything on the outside.

Finally thank you for all your support helping the children with the song words, the children were very excited to sing from the stage in the hall for the first time this week.