17th October 2016

This week started by thinking about which mini beast the children wanted to make using clay. They drew a plan and thought about things like colour and how legs they would need. Later in the week they tried to stick to the plan and make it. We can't wait to show you the finished item! When the rain came some of the children decided to splash and loved seeing who could find the deepest puddle. Sorry for the wet socks in bags!

On Friday we took part in our first science investigation as part of 'The Pod' a nationwide campaign aimed at increasing children's awareness of the environment. 'What's Under Your Feet' is all about why bird numbers are falling and our job was to dig up some grass and count the number of minibeasts that we found. We counted an amazing 45 worms and 5 centipedes in just 30cm square. We had to file our results online so the scientists can look at all the data from all of the schools taking part.

Friday's merit assembly saw a record number of certificates given out for handwriting. Well done everyone for your hard work!