10th June 2019


After a relaxing half-term, 3ES have been back at school, hard at work!

In English we have been learning about the features of non-fiction texts, in particular learning about different types of whales and using our ICT skills to research information about them. We will be writing our non-fiction texts about whales in a few weeks.

In Maths we have continued learning about length, in particular practising converting different units of measurement. Children have been encouraged to have a go at measuring at home and then converting centimetres into metres etc.

Champion of the Week.JPG

Our ‘Champion of the Week’ is Kenzie for outstanding effort and hard work over the course of the week. Well done Kenzie!

English & Maths Stars.JPG

Our ‘English & Maths Stars’ are Scarlet and Megan. Scarlet made some excellent contributions during our Guided Reading Session when predicting what could happen in the story, and Megan for her clear explanation of how she solved a mathematical challenge involving the conversion of metres and centimetres. Well done to you both!