25th March 2019

We have had a brilliant week starting our new English and Maths topics. In Maths we are learning about graphs and have been creating our own pictograms from a set of data we were given. We had to create our own pictogram, ensuring it was set out and labelled correctly. Great team work 3ES!

In English we have started learning about non-chronological reports, focusing on the Vikings. We have been learning about Thor, the God of War, and presenting the information using subordinating conjunctions to join clauses, writing in paragraphs and ensuring we using apostrophes correctly.

This week’s ‘English Star’ is Chloe for following the 6 steps carefully when answering reading comprehension questions. Our ‘Maths Star’ is Halle for excellent listening skills in class and volunteering to share her ideas with others. Well done for all your hard work!

Our ‘Champion of the Week’ is Riley for his continuous hard work in class, and for always listening carefully during class. Well done Riley!