1st October 2018

On Monday we had an RE day where we learnt more about Ganesh, an elephant God which Indian people believe will bring them good luck and will remove obstacles which stand in their way. Indian people throw food at statues of Ganesh.

We had great fun making masks of Ganesh and we used them when we learnt an Indian dance which celebrates the God’s birthday. We also thought about when we had been brave and wrote about it before sharing it with the class.

Champion of the Week.JPG

Our ‘Champion of the Week’ is Megan for her consistent positive mindset and progress across the curriculum. Well done Megan!

“I was brave when I dived from the settee onto the sharp edge of a table, and split my nose open. I had to go to A&E” said Zac.

“I was brave when I fell off my 4 wheeled scooter and I hurt my elbow.” Said Ayden.

In Maths we have been practising adding and subtracting 10 and 100 before moving onto using equipment to compare two numbers. We revised how to use < > and = to create number sentences which made sense.

In English we enjoyed acting a scene from ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ where the Old Man offered to buy the cow from Jack. We had to include actions and interesting voices when we acted out the scene. Then we wrote it in speech bubbles. We also revised capital letters and full-stops, correcting sentences and longer pieces of text. Hopefully we will remember to include this punctuation when we complete our Hot Task.