17th September 2018

We have had an exciting first week as Class 3ES and have enjoyed settling into our new classroom and making new friends.


On Thursday we went swimming and had great fun sorting out which swimming group we will be in.  We swim every Thursday and will need to make sure we bring the correct kit to school.  If a child needs to wear goggles please ask Mrs Brown for a consent form.

We have been busy electing class members to take on a variety of roles.  Children volunteered to take on a certain position then prepared a speech, which they read to the class, before classmates voted.  The children’s speeches were fantastic and it was a close thing for every position.

Our ‘School Council Representatives’ are Connie and Zac.  


Connie -

Class Councillor

Arianna and Isabelle are the ‘Green Champion Class Representatives’, who will be working closely with Mr Grayson to ensure our school recycles as much as possible.

Zac -

Vice Class Councillor

The ‘Courtyard Caretakers’ for Class 3ES are Sienna and Megan. They will be working with Mrs Shaw in the new ‘Community Kitchen’ and ensuring it is kept neat and tidy by weeding, collecting information by taking photographs and producing leaflets and importantly reporting back to the class on what they have been doing and how we might become involved.  This will happen on a Wednesday lunchtime.

In Maths we have started to build upon our knowledge of place value and work with numbers up to 1000.  We did some brilliant paired work where we used Base 10 equipment to show how we can show numbers of different values.

We will be trying our best to improve our times table knowledge, and we have brought home a pack of resources to practise our two or three times tables.  These cards can be used to play snap, to ask us to find the correct answer to the questions or as part of a quiz.  The more we practise, the better we get at knowing our two and three times tables.

In English we have started learning the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’.  We are using actions to help us remember what happens in the story and how the characters are feeling.  We hope to have a video of us performing an extract from the story in our blog next week.

Our ‘Champion of the Week’ is Ellie-Mae who has had a fantastic first week, listening carefully in lessons, helping others and also gaining her ‘Pen Licence’.  Well done Ellie-Mae!