19th November 2018

This week has been amazing! Full of so many different exciting activities as well as two trips.

This week was ‘Anti-Bullying Week’. It is a great opportunity to discuss what bullying is, how it can affect us and most importantly what to do if it happens to us. As a class we learnt and performed a rap. Click on the link below to see our performance.

We went ‘Time-Travelling’ to St Swithun’s Church to learn about how some people from East Retford travelled to America on a boat called ‘The Mayflower’. We also did lots of fun activities including re-enacting the baptism of a baby, dressing up as choir members and singing hymns, designing and making a clay candle holder and we made paper boats.

“The day was very good as when I was learning about being in a choir, we got to use musical instruments like a drum and bells.” Sienna T

“I thought it was amazing because we got to learn about the ‘Good Shepherd’ Story’.” Raymond

On Tuesday we went to Magna in Rotherham to learn about solids, liquids and gases. We had a fantastic time and saw lots of amazing experiments.

“My most memorable part of the day was creating red paint out of sunflower oil, paprika, egg and vinegar. I loved painting my initials.” Isabelle

“The Fire Pavilion was amazing because of the fire tornado which was controlled by us using buttons, and we made it go round and round.” Grace

More children have brought in their ‘Giant Projects’ to share with the class. Megan had baked a giant cookie which we all shared and it was delicious! Connie had designed and made a giant BFG head which is massive. Well done!


This week in swimming all of the children brought a pair of pyjamas to wear. This was to support ‘Drowning Prevention Week’, a national awareness week aimed at saving lives and teaching children what to do if they fall into a canal, lake or river. The children listened carefully and worked together to act out what they could do in different life-threatening situations. They wore their pyjamas to swim in to experience what it would be like if they were fully-dressed and fell into water.

‘Children In Need’ was great fun. We came dressed in something spotty and brought our bears to school. Mrs Parsons baked us a ‘Pudsey Biscuit’ which was very tasty.

Children In Need Photo.JPG

Our +’Champion of the Week’ is Sienna for her improved mind-set during lessons. She has really worked hard to improve her attitude to lessons she struggles with. Well done Sienna!