23rd June 2017

In Maths we are continuing to learn about measurement and are focusing upon units of length.  We are practising converting lengths using different units, for example centimetres into metres and vice versa.  We have to use our knowledge of how to multiply or divide by 100.

In English we have been looking at the images in the story, ‘The Zoo’, and using inference skills to answer questions about them.  We noticed that the gorilla had the same sort of eyes as the mum, as they both felt sad at that point in the story. We studied the picture of the orang-utan in its cage and thought about how it must of felt, then we wrote as we were the orang-utan. The written work produced was so good we have filmed a selection of children reading their work out loud.

Alfie has made a tribe mask at home out of cardboard, pencils and feathers.  It looked very scary!

Evie Truffles.JPG

Evie brought in some homemade ‘Brazilian Brigaderio Truffles’ for us to sample.  They were delicious and tasted like soft chocolate brownies.  Evie had chosen to research the history of these truffles as part of her Rainforest project. Thank you Evie for letting us share your tasty cooking.

Faith brought in model of a rainforest which she had made at home out of cardboard and tissue paper. It even had a trap in it which had caught a snake!
Photo of Faith with model
Lexie has made a fantastic African mask out of cardboard, paint and beads.  It looks amazing!

Honey has worked extremely hard at home to design and build a model of the rainforest that has water that runs down a waterfall.Wonderful work Honey, well done!

Kiran brought in his rainforest model this week to show the class.  Can you spot all of the different animals in it?

Logan is our new ‘Spelling Bee Champion’, having scored 10/10 in a spelling test and for making the most progress. Well done Logan!

Our ‘Champion of the Week’ is Alannah for her wonderful positive attitude and effort at swimming this week. She overcame her fear of getting in at the deep end of the pool and gained her 25m badge. Well done Alannah!