12th June 2017

Class 3ES visited Tywcross Zoo on Wednesday 7th June to learn about different animals and their habitats as we are learning about rainforests.  We had an amazing day, being given the opportunity to stroke a tortoise and a cockroach, and seeing a wide variety of animals including giraffes, elephants, owls and monkeys. 
We walked through a butterfly house which was very hot and we had to look carefully as many butterflies were camouflaged. In the otter enclosure we saw a family of otters running around and playing. The Penguin Parade was great fun as we saw them being fed and swimming under the water.  We had a fantastic time!

Our class will be visiting the Book Fair on Friday 16th June.  If your child wishes to purchase a book please send them with any payment in a named purse or envelope on that day. Alternatively you can visit the Book Fair with your child on Wednesday 14th June after school.

In maths we have been learning about capacity and the importance of reading scales accurately.  We have had great fun being magicians, measuring different liquids accurately to create ‘magic potions’.

Ruby and Jason have worked very hard in their role as ‘Take 5 Ambassadors’ to design their own breathing routine cards.  They have tested them out with the class. Well done Ruby and Jason!
Our ‘Champion of the Week’ is Noah for his continued hard work and effort throughout the day, but especially during swimming lessons.  Well done Noah!

This week we earnt 7 handshakes.