1st May 2017

We have had a wonderful week studying a poem called ‘Danny the Cat’ by Benjamin Zephaniah and writing our version about an animal in the rain forest.  We performed the poem, ‘Danny the Cat’, with a group of children acting out each verse.  Click on the links below to see our wonderful performances.

We have not one, but five new ‘Spelling Bee Champions’.  The children have been working very hard to learn their new spellings using a range of strategies.  Well done and keep up the hard work!

Last term the children brought home seedlings they planted at ‘Stem Day’ at the Elizabethan Academy. Daisey has grown spinach and used it at home in her cooking.  Her dish looks very tasty!  Well done Daisey for growing your spinach at home.  Pictures of your child’s plants can be e-mailed to school, or they could put them on their blog at Kidblog.

In Maths we have continued our work on fractions and been learning about equivalent fractions.  We have been learning that fractions can show the same amount but have different denominators.  We have been practising how to make equivalent fractions by multiplying the denominators and numerators by the same number.