6th March 2017

This week 3ES went to the Retford Leisure Centre for their first swimming lesson.  The children were at first nervous and excited, but afterwards were pleased with themselves for trying so hard during the lesson.  Jayden gained his 5 metre badge – well done! 

I wasn’t very confident when I first entered the pool, but I became more confident when I started to swim.
— Ebony
I thought it was really great when we went swimming for the first time.
— Jason

World Book Day
We had lots of fun dressing up as our favourite book character.

I dressed up as Bat Girl from a Batman Book.
— Alannah
I dressed up as Doctor Daisy because I like learning about being a doctor.
— Daisy

We had books and biscuits and parents came and read stories with us.  We had several ‘Story Sacks’ on the tables and had great fun acting out the stories with puppets.  A special treat was having a number of Kindles available and we were able to choose a story to read.

We have started to think about our entry to ‘Carr Hill In Bloom’ where we have been given five seed potatoes, and the challenge of growing them to produce the heaviest weight of potatoes possible in July.  If you have any hints or tips that will help us win, please get in touch!

In Maths we have been learning about fractions and using Haribo sweets to show different fractions.  We all enjoyed eating them at the end of the lesson.

Our ‘Champion of the Week’ is Jayden who showed his wonderful desire to succeed when we went swimming, removing his arm bands and swimming 5m confidently.  Well done Jayden!
Logan brought in his finished shield for his ‘Spring Term Project – Roman Shields’.  It looks wonderful and is made out of cardboard.

Our new ‘Spelling Bee Champion’ is Dylan who improved his spelling score by 8.  Well done Dylan!

This week we earnt 5 handshakes.