6th February 2017

In maths we have continued our work on measures and linked it to our topic, ‘The Romans’. We have designed and measured a plan for a Roman Fort and next week will be making the fort out of Lego.  We can’t wait to get building!

We have been learning about Queen Boudicca this week and produced some wonderful sketches of her based upon what we interpreted from different pieces of evidence.  Below, are the sketches from Grace and Alannah showing what they think Queen Boudicca looked like.

We went to the Elizabethan High School for a day to participate in STEM Day. We had a wonderful day and took part in a variety of workshops and activities including planting seeds, testing food, investigating which fruit juice had the most Vitamin C and finding out about the amount of sugar in different drinks.  Fingers crossed our seeds will germinate and grow so that we can use what we grow in a tasty dish later on in the year.

Our new ‘Spelling Bee’ is Grace who has worked very hard to significantly improve her spelling score.  Well done Grace!

Our ‘Champion of the Week’ is Elijah who has really worked hard in maths and is making excellent progress.  Keep it up Elijah!

We earnt 8 handshakes this week and attendance was 92.1%