27th February 2017

In maths this week we have continued to learn about telling the time and using our knowledge, have worked hard to answer word problems involving time.  Wearing a watch and practising telling the time, both analogue and digital, is something we could practise at home.

We have continued to study the poem, ‘The Coming of the Iron Man’ and have learnt about rhyme and alliteration.  Next week we will be writing our own versions of the poem and will be posting some examples on our blog.

We are going to enter the Royal Mail Christmas Stamp Competition.  We have to design a stamp to show what Christmas means to us.  It is nowhere near time for the Christmas season but the Royal Mail need time to judge entries and choose two winning designs which will be released this December as their Christmas stamps.  We will display a sample of our designs once they are completed.

Some children have brought in their ‘Spring Term Project – A Roman Shield’.  Children were asked to make and design their own Roman shield from scratch.  We have already had some wonderful shields brought in from Honey and Alfie D.  Don’t forget the deadline for bringing your shield in is Tuesday 28th March.

The ‘Champion of the Week’ is Summer for her continued hard work and effort with her reading.  Well done Summer!

This week we earnt 3 handshakes.

Attendance this week was 98.3%