5th December 2016

This week we have started producing items for the Christmas Enterprise Challenge.  We really hope you will all come along and visit our ‘Reindeer Shop’ and help us to make the most money out of all of the classes.
Whatever profit we make, 3ES gets to keep and spend on anything we wish to!  How exciting!

We are not going to spoil the surprise of what we will be selling – but the clue is in the name!

In maths we have been learning how to divide using a number line.  We have started to apply this knowledge to solve word problems, and will continue to do this next week.
Our ‘Green Champion’ representatives went and met Mr Grayson earlier this week.  They carried out a survey to find out how many lights and Smartboards were turned on during lunchtime, and therefore wasting energy. The next meeting will be after Christmas.

In English we have continued to study the text about ‘Tree Giants’ and have learnt about the features of non-chronological reports.  We practised splitting a non-fiction text into paragraphs, and hope to use this knowledge when we write our own non-fiction reports.
Ruby and Jason went to the second ‘Take 5 Ambassador Training Session’ where they talked about the program and practised different breathing techniques.
Our ‘Champion of the Week’ is Grace for her wonderful score in a grammar test last week.

We have a new pair of ‘Spelling Bees’ who did very well learning the next set of ten spellings which we send home every few weeks.
Alfie and Gracie are the new ‘Spelling Bees!’

We got eight handshakes this week and our attendance was 94.6%