12th December 2016

This week we have been making Reindeer products to sell at the Christmas Enterprise on Monday.  We have made a variety of items and hope to make a huge profit which we can spend on what we choose. 

In English we have been learning about relative clauses and relative pronouns.  We have created our own sentences then added extra information using the relative pronouns which, who and whose.

In Maths we have continued to practise dividing using an empty number line.  Then we have been calculating our total expenditure for our Christmas Enterprise products, and how much profit we could possibly make.

This week was the deadline for us to bring in our projects based on Giants.  We have worked very hard to produce some outstanding pieces of work which range from a model of the Eiffel Tower to a cake which represented ‘Mount Everest’, and tasted delicious!

We have been set a challenge by the PTA to collect as much spare change as possible in order to design our own piece of art work.  Sophie-Jean has already set us off with a wonderful start by bringing in a huge bottle full of coins.  Thank you!

Our ‘Champion of the Week’ is Faith, who has worked extra hard in ICT, a subject she does not find easy, to design and produce a wonderful poster with a partner.  Well done Faith!

This week we won the ‘Attendance Trophy’ as we had an overall attendance of over 99%.  Well done 3ES!

We earnt two handshakes this week.