28th November 2016

We had the fantastic opportunity to go on the ‘Potato Bus’ this week.  We learnt about how potatoes are grown and had a go at planting some.  We learnt some amazing facts and information:
•    Potatoes take 3 months to grow and produce a crop.
•    Green potatoes are not meant to be eaten because they can give you stomach ache.
•    Potatoes need to be kept in the dark otherwise they will turn green.
•    Stones in the soil, where potatoes are grown, can make the potatoes grow into strange shapes.
We also had the chance to sort potatoes into boxes depending upon whether they were edible or not.  Finally we had a tasting session, where some of us chose to eat chipped potatoes, with or without, a chilli sauce.

We have had a fantastic week producing some wonderful pieces of work.
In English we have continued learning the ‘Tree Giant’ text and below is a short clip of us performing the first section of it.  We have included actions for different words and phrases in our performance.

In Maths we have started practising how to multiply TU x U or TU x TU, using the grid method.  We have used dienes to help us and now need to continue to practise our times tables at home.
We finally completed our Diwali tea-light holders, painting them in bright colours.  They look fantastic and some are on display in our classroom.

In French, we have been learning how to greet someone and tell them our names.  We enjoyed learning a short rhyme to practise some phrases.

Our ’Champion of the Week’ is Jason, who has been trying extra hard in PE lessons to improve his ball control skills.  Well done Jason!

This week we earnt 5 handshakes.