17th October 2016

What a busy week we have had!  From a superb Harvest Festival Service to starting to write our own versions of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’.

The Key Stage 1 and Year 3 Harvest Festival was wonderful to watch.  The children sang their hearts out and did themselves proud.  We wrote some poems based on Harvest and several children read theirs out in the Service. Below are three more lovely poems children wrote by themselves.


Alfie Lincoln’s Grandad very kindly brought in a corn dolly for the class.  They are meant to bring good luck and was made from corn he had grown on his farm.  Thank you very much, we have got our fingers crossed that it helps us win ‘The Handshake of the Week Award’.


Mr Haslam and his Gardening Club kindly sent us a dead sunflower head to hang outside our classroom to encourage birds to come and eat on our windowsill.  We have tied it to the drainpipe and if we shake it occasionally the dead seeds fall out and the birds will hopefully visit and eat them.



Over the past half-term the children have been working very hard to improve their handwriting and move up ‘The Handwriting Ladder’ which is displayed in our classroom.  
Summer, Evie, Alfie D and Ruby have successfully moved up one rung on the ladder and here they are proudly holding their certificates.


In PE the children have been learning how to play ‘Tag Rugby’.  They have been practising their passing and defending skills, and have been working well as part of a team.


Due to Mrs Brown being poorly last Friday the ‘Champion of the Week’ was not mentioned in the blog.  Our apologies for this.  It was Kiran who gained it for his great behaviour for learning and fantastic determination in maths.  Well done Kiran!

This week our ‘Champion of the Week’ is Gracie who always presents her work beautifully and has continuously tried to improve her handwriting.  Well done Gracie!

This week we earnt 9 handshakes