19th June 2017

We have had started learning about the famous author, Anthony Browne, this week and in particular a story called ‘Zoo’.  We have read the story without images and predicted what we think could happen as well as finding evidence in the plot to summarise the authors’ views and opinions about animals being kept in a zoo.  

Our ‘Champion of the Week’ is Faith for all her continued hard work and effort in lessons.  Well done Faith!

In maths we have continued learning about capacity and worked hard to improve our skills on how to solve word problems involving litres and millilitres.  This was a real challenge for some of us but we persevered and worked hard to solve the activities.

Our topic at the moment is ‘Plants’ and we have set up an experiment to investigate what plants need in order to thrive.  We have ensured it is a fair test by using the same size pots, having a ‘control’ plant and measuring the amount of water the plants receive daily.  We have predicted what the results will show.

Sports Day is Friday 23rd June and we have split the class into four teams and children have selected the races they wish to compete in.  All children will need to have their outdoor PE kit at school next week with appropriate footwear ie trainers not indoor pumps.  Please ensure children have a hat or cap, and a drink of water on Friday 23rd June.

12th June 2017

Class 3ES visited Tywcross Zoo on Wednesday 7th June to learn about different animals and their habitats as we are learning about rainforests.  We had an amazing day, being given the opportunity to stroke a tortoise and a cockroach, and seeing a wide variety of animals including giraffes, elephants, owls and monkeys. 
We walked through a butterfly house which was very hot and we had to look carefully as many butterflies were camouflaged. In the otter enclosure we saw a family of otters running around and playing. The Penguin Parade was great fun as we saw them being fed and swimming under the water.  We had a fantastic time!

Our class will be visiting the Book Fair on Friday 16th June.  If your child wishes to purchase a book please send them with any payment in a named purse or envelope on that day. Alternatively you can visit the Book Fair with your child on Wednesday 14th June after school.

In maths we have been learning about capacity and the importance of reading scales accurately.  We have had great fun being magicians, measuring different liquids accurately to create ‘magic potions’.

Ruby and Jason have worked very hard in their role as ‘Take 5 Ambassadors’ to design their own breathing routine cards.  They have tested them out with the class. Well done Ruby and Jason!
Our ‘Champion of the Week’ is Noah for his continued hard work and effort throughout the day, but especially during swimming lessons.  Well done Noah!

This week we earnt 7 handshakes.


29th May 2017

We have produced some wonderful pieces of work this week in English and Maths, and worked very hard as well as having lots of fun.
In Maths we have continued to learn about shapes and their properties and had great fun making 3-dimensional shapes using cocktail sticks and midget gems.  Ruby and Logan made a square based pyramid with the correct number of vertices and edges. Look at the fabulous shapes we made!

Also in Maths this week we have been learning about lines.  Not only have we learnt the names of different lines but also practised creating them using masking tape.  Well done for all your hard work 3ES.

In English we have worked very hard, through the sun beating down, to plan and write a newspaper report about deforestation.  The children focused upon using quotes in their writing and punctuating them correctly as well as facts they have learnt in their topic lessons.  Well done for all the effort and hard work this week children.
We had a lovely afternoon break this week when we received a surprise in exchange for one of the attendance certificates our class has gained over the past half-term.  Mrs Parsons brought everyone a piece of delicious chocolate pudding which we enjoyed outside in the shade.  Thank you Mrs Parsons for our treat!

Jayden brought in a medal and trophy he was presented with at Retford United’s Presentation Evening.  He is a member of the Retford United Under 8's Football Team and gained the trophy for the most improved player in the team over the year.  Well done Jayden!

We had ‘Crazy Hair Day’ as well this week.  We all got to wear our hair in any style or fashion in order to raise money for the PTA.

Our ‘Champion of the Week’ is Alfie for his improved concentration and effort in lessons across the curriculum.  Well done Alfie!

We earnt 4 handshakes this week.

22nd May 2017

We have continued to study the features of newspaper reports in English, focusing upon snappy headlines and the difference between facts and opinions.  We are going to be writing our own newspaper report about deforestation next week.

Alfie kindly brought into school a variety of crops from his Grandad’s farm to show us including some rye, wheat, rapeseed and beans.  Thank you for bringing these in Alfie.

We have had great fun in maths this week learning about shape and angles.  We have used matchsticks to create figures and tried to include as many different angles as possible. 

Honey brought in her dance medals to show us.  She has worked very hard to gain a medal for her country dancing.  Well done Honey!

Our ‘Champion of the Week’ is Alfie Dawes who has worked very hard in every lesson this week to listen carefully and produce a high standard of work.  Well done Alfie!

This week was ‘National Walk and Bus to School Week’ and many of our class made the extra effort to change the way they travel to school everyday.  Some children who don’t usually catch the bus didn’t come in the car but caught the bus, whilst others asked their Parents/Carers to park a little further away from school and walked to the gate.  Well done to those who walked all the way to school.

This week we earnt 7 handshakes.

15th May 2017

This week in maths, we have started our new unit of work ‘Shape’. We have looked at what constitutes an ‘angle’ and how to recognise angles as a direction of a turn. We used ‘Jack Sparrow’s’ compass to help us achieve this.

This week in English, we have been looking at a newspaper article on ‘Climate Change’. We practised our reading comprehension skills by answering questions around the effects of greenhouse gases as well as posing questions to help us ‘think further’ about this issue. 

During one of our topic lessons this week, we looked at the similarities and differences between different tribes within various rainforests around the world. Here are two of the tribes that we compared.

In class 3ES, we have a new ‘Spelling Bee’ champion. Drum roll please…..our new Spelling Bee champion this week is Logan Mahdi who made a progress score of 6. Well done Logan!