22nd May 2017

We have continued to study the features of newspaper reports in English, focusing upon snappy headlines and the difference between facts and opinions.  We are going to be writing our own newspaper report about deforestation next week.

Alfie kindly brought into school a variety of crops from his Grandad’s farm to show us including some rye, wheat, rapeseed and beans.  Thank you for bringing these in Alfie.

We have had great fun in maths this week learning about shape and angles.  We have used matchsticks to create figures and tried to include as many different angles as possible. 

Honey brought in her dance medals to show us.  She has worked very hard to gain a medal for her country dancing.  Well done Honey!

Our ‘Champion of the Week’ is Alfie Dawes who has worked very hard in every lesson this week to listen carefully and produce a high standard of work.  Well done Alfie!

This week was ‘National Walk and Bus to School Week’ and many of our class made the extra effort to change the way they travel to school everyday.  Some children who don’t usually catch the bus didn’t come in the car but caught the bus, whilst others asked their Parents/Carers to park a little further away from school and walked to the gate.  Well done to those who walked all the way to school.

This week we earnt 7 handshakes.

15th May 2017

This week in maths, we have started our new unit of work ‘Shape’. We have looked at what constitutes an ‘angle’ and how to recognise angles as a direction of a turn. We used ‘Jack Sparrow’s’ compass to help us achieve this.

This week in English, we have been looking at a newspaper article on ‘Climate Change’. We practised our reading comprehension skills by answering questions around the effects of greenhouse gases as well as posing questions to help us ‘think further’ about this issue. 

During one of our topic lessons this week, we looked at the similarities and differences between different tribes within various rainforests around the world. Here are two of the tribes that we compared.

In class 3ES, we have a new ‘Spelling Bee’ champion. Drum roll please…..our new Spelling Bee champion this week is Logan Mahdi who made a progress score of 6. Well done Logan!

8th May 2017

We have been working very hard again this week – especially in maths. We have continued our work on equivalent fractions and demonstrated our knowledge of this by drawing/writing equivalent fractions on the playground!  

This week in English, we have been learning a new poem ‘My Little Monster’ by Elaine Morandini. The children asked questions of the poem, made predictions, used actions to help them learn the poem before finally planning and writing their own version. We have some flourishing poets in class 3ES!

Fur of black,
Eyes of brown,
He thinks he’s a king and wants a crown.
Swings at day,
Sleeps at night,
He sleeps every time he’s near the light.
— Alannah's Poem

At Carr Hill we also like to celebrate achievements outside of school. A couple of weeks ago, Jayden caught two big fish while fishing with his dad. He said that he caught them within the first ten minutes of fishing. Well done Jayden!

Noah also came into last Mon wearing not one, not two, but four silver medals for his achievements in gymnastics. Noah gained his medals in vault, high bar, floor and overall position. Well done Noah!We received fourteen handshakes and we won Class of the Week. Well done everyone!

1st May 2017

We have had a wonderful week studying a poem called ‘Danny the Cat’ by Benjamin Zephaniah and writing our version about an animal in the rain forest.  We performed the poem, ‘Danny the Cat’, with a group of children acting out each verse.  Click on the links below to see our wonderful performances.

We have not one, but five new ‘Spelling Bee Champions’.  The children have been working very hard to learn their new spellings using a range of strategies.  Well done and keep up the hard work!

Last term the children brought home seedlings they planted at ‘Stem Day’ at the Elizabethan Academy. Daisey has grown spinach and used it at home in her cooking.  Her dish looks very tasty!  Well done Daisey for growing your spinach at home.  Pictures of your child’s plants can be e-mailed to school, or they could put them on their blog at Kidblog.

In Maths we have continued our work on fractions and been learning about equivalent fractions.  We have been learning that fractions can show the same amount but have different denominators.  We have been practising how to make equivalent fractions by multiplying the denominators and numerators by the same number. 

24th April 2017

On the last Friday before the Easter Holiday we had a visit from the Retford Fire Brigade.  We had lots of fun, climbing in and out of the fire engine.  We also got to spray water using the giant hose.  Each child had the opportunity to hold the hose and squirt water into the air.  It was great fun! We also learnt about the importance of having a smoke alarm in our homes, and how it should be tested once a week – ‘Test It Tuesday’.  The fire fighters demonstrated how to ‘Stop, Drop and Roll’ and we had the chance to try on parts of their uniform.  It was a fantastic way to end our Spring Term.

Today we had a real treat.  Mrs Parson’s brought us hot chocolate, squirty cream or milk, marshmallows and chocolate sprinkles.  This was a reward for our class attendance last term. Well done 3ES!  Keep up the wonderful attendance!

We started our swimming lessons again and some pupils gained their next swimming badges. Well done to everyone for their continued effort and wonderful behaviour during swimming. Certificates and badges can be ordered by sending £3.50 to school.
We have had a new pupil join our class.  Lexie has had a wonderful first week and we would like to welcome her to 3ES.

We earnt 5 handshakes this week.
Grace Pashley is our ‘Champion of the Week’ for her continued effort in spelling lessons and SPAG practise.  Well done Grace!