24th April 2017

On the last Friday before the Easter Holiday we had a visit from the Retford Fire Brigade.  We had lots of fun, climbing in and out of the fire engine.  We also got to spray water using the giant hose.  Each child had the opportunity to hold the hose and squirt water into the air.  It was great fun! We also learnt about the importance of having a smoke alarm in our homes, and how it should be tested once a week – ‘Test It Tuesday’.  The fire fighters demonstrated how to ‘Stop, Drop and Roll’ and we had the chance to try on parts of their uniform.  It was a fantastic way to end our Spring Term.

Today we had a real treat.  Mrs Parson’s brought us hot chocolate, squirty cream or milk, marshmallows and chocolate sprinkles.  This was a reward for our class attendance last term. Well done 3ES!  Keep up the wonderful attendance!

We started our swimming lessons again and some pupils gained their next swimming badges. Well done to everyone for their continued effort and wonderful behaviour during swimming. Certificates and badges can be ordered by sending £3.50 to school.
We have had a new pupil join our class.  Lexie has had a wonderful first week and we would like to welcome her to 3ES.

We earnt 5 handshakes this week.
Grace Pashley is our ‘Champion of the Week’ for her continued effort in spelling lessons and SPAG practise.  Well done Grace!

27th March 2017

Red Nose Day
We had lots of fun on Red Nose Day!  We came to school wearing one item of red clothing, and had the opportunity to have our noses painted red, and have a tasty biscuit at break-time.

More children have been bringing in their Roman shields which they have made at home.  Our ‘Spring Term Homework Project’ was for children to design and make a Roman shield at home. They are on display outside our classroom and look fabulous!

We have new ‘Spelling Bee Champions’ – Kiran, Taome and Jayla.  Well done!  They all improved their spelling score by 3 marks. Keep on learning your spellings and you could be our next ‘Spelling Bee Champion’.

Our ‘Champion of the Week’ is Jayla for continued effort in lessons, and offering her ideas and opinions in class discussions.  Well done Jayla!
We earnt 4 handshakes this week.

20th March 2017

What a busy week we have had!  So many exciting things happening in and around school.
We have presented our poems based upon ‘The Coming of The Iron Man’ by Brenda Williams, and these will be up on display in our classroom next week.  Taome and James have performed their poems, and you can listen to them by clicking on the links below.

In maths we have continued learning about fractions and have moved onto solving word problems about unit and non-unit fractions.  We have been using a variety of apparatus to help us, and enjoyed producing a ‘Fraction Museum’ to display our hard work.

While the sun was shining, we planted our 5 seed potatoes for ‘Carr Hill In Bloom Competition’.  We decided to clear the area of any debris and stones before planting, and now need to ensure our potatoes are watered.  Hopefully they will start to grow soon!

Sophie-Jean is our new ‘Spelling Bee’.  Well Done!

Phoebe is our ‘Champion of the Week’ for her consistent effort in lessons, and a positive learning attitude in all subjects.
Well done Phoebe!

This week we earnt two handshakes.

13th March 2017

We have done a ‘slow-write’ this week, which is where we use sentence prompts to guide our writing.  We learnt about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius which covered Pompeii.  The village was burnt to the ground, covered in ash and many people lost their lives.

We have launched our ‘3ES Easter Bun Sale’ where we hope to earn as much money as possible by making and selling Easter buns.  You can order the buns by sending money in an envelope to our class with your child’s name on.  Buns are 25p each.  Get ordering now!

Our ‘Champion of the Week’ is Dylan, who has shown a positive attitude in class to learning, especially during guided reading.  Well done Dylan!

We earnt 15 handshakes this week and won the ‘Class of the Week’ trophy.  Well done 3ES!