24th September 2018


This week in Ellen MacArthur ……….

We had an amazing time on our trip to The Deep on Wednesday.

We learnt about different seaside habitats and saw lots of interesting sea creatures.

Here are some pictures from our trip

In English we continue to work on the story of Tiddler, by our Author of the Moment; Julia Donaldson.

This week we have been discussing the setting of the story and working with each other to think of some great describing words to make interesting sentences.

Next week we will be writing setting descriptions and a description about tiddler himself!

We have been using words such as ……

• calm

• frantic

• wavy

• bubbly

• rocky

……… and then we have been making them into noun phrases such as……

• the soft sandy seabed

• the rocky rocks

• in the calm ocean

• in the pitch black deep ocean

Here is Tiddler.

How would you describe him?


We are loving our Body Boost sessions that we do every afternoon.

We have been dancing and singing to some fantastic BBC Super Movers.

Please show your family the songs and dances! Have a go at home!