25th September 2017

We have had a very busy week in Ellen MacArthur Class!

In English we have continued learning about instructions. We
have sequenced instructions for building a sandcastle, and we
have planned a text map to help us write our own instructions
for building a sandcastle.

In Maths we have been learning how to represent numbers in
different ways, and we have also practiced partitioning
numbers into 10s and 1s, which we will be doing more of next
week.We have also been practicing how to write numbers in words.

This week we have also voted for our Class Councillors and
Green Champions. There were lots of children who wanted to
be voted in, so we held a mini election for all the posts. The
children filled in a ballot paper, put their paper in the ballot
box, then the votes were counted and verified. Olivia R and
Kammie were elected as Class Councillors and will represent
the class at meetings. Well done to them both, but also, well
done to all that volunteered.

Alesha and Ethan G were elected as this year’s Green
Champions. They will both make fantastic Green Champions
and they were both very excited when they returned from their
first meeting with Mr Grayson, and told the whole class all
about the excited things that are planned.

This week’s Explorer of the Week is Demi! She has not only
been ready to learn in lessons, but has also impressed Mr Bell
this week when following his instructions in PE! Well done
Demi!We have 6 handshakes this week.

Our attendance for this week is 89.4%