18th September 2017

We’ve had a lovely start to the year in Ellen MacArthur class!


In the mornings we have been learning our new routines such as practicing our handwriting on our shiny new whiteboards. 
In English, we are learning all about instructions. We have learnt that good instructions contain bossy words, and use time connectives to help us know which in which order to do the instructions! We have built sandcastles using good instructions and we have drawn a picture for our friend to copy using only our spoken instructions. 
Here we are drawing our pictures, hiding them so our friend can’t see!


In maths we have been learning to count forwards and backwards to and from 20 and 0. We have been using a ten frame to help us do this. 
On Thursday we had a fantastic camping day! We learnt how to make jam sandwiches, kites and sandcastles and an ice cream van even turned up! We had a lovely time playing beach games too. It was a wonderful day, even if there were a few showers! 

We have 6 handshakes this week. 

Our attendance last week was 97%