9th October 2017

It has been another busy week in class Ellen MacArthur! 

This week in English we have been writing new sets of instructions. We have written instructions for how to make a jam sandwich. 

First we made a text map to plan our writing. We use a text map to help us look closely at the important words and features. For instructions we made sure we had a title, a list of the things we need and that each instruction had a number, a time word and a bossy word.


Can you see these features in Kaiden’s text map?

We have also written instructions for how to build a sandcastle. 
Do you think you could follow Cherry’s instructions and build a sandcastle?


Kaiden then wrote his instructions up carefully using his text map. I was very impressed that Kaiden not only remembered to number his instructions, but he also made sure each sentence had a bossy word, time word, capital letter and a full stop!

In Maths we have been making and comparing different amounts. We have also learnt the maths symbols to show greater than, less than and equal to. We have learnt that the crocodile always eats the bigger number. 


We have also worked on ordering amounts and numbers in different ways, such as from greatest to smallest or smallest to greatest. 

This week’s superstars were Jaiden and Connie! 
This week’s Explorer of the Week is Connie! Connie has shown a great attitude to learning and has always been eager to contribute to lessons this week! Well done Connie! 

We received 6 handshakes this week.
Our attendance this week was 93.2%