12th March 2018

In Maths this week, we have continued to work on repeated addition and multiplication sentences. We have done a lot of practical work, making equal groups, drawing picture to represent this and writing the number sentences in words. 

In English, we have continued working with the book, Tell Me a Dragon. We have re-written extracts, making sure we keep close to the original text. 
In topic we have sketched our own dragons. 
In RE we have been learning about celebrations. 

On Wednesday, we visited Captain Jacks in memory of Seth. We had a fabulous time, playing in the ball pool, and gliding down the slides. We even enjoyed a biscuit and a drink. Many thanks to all the parent and grandparent helpers, who came with us to help!

On Friday, we celebrated a belated World Book Day, with a ‘books and biscuit’ session first thing in the morning. Thank you to those who came and joined us!
What an exciting week! 
Our attendance this week was 99.5%

5th March 2018

In English, we have started looking at our new book, Tell Me a Dragon. We have been discussing our favourite dragons and starting to learn parts of the book. 

In maths, we have started looking at how to make equal groups. Using these equal groups, we have learnt how to make repeated addition number sentences and multiplication sentences.
In topic, we have practised drawing dragons. 

We have had a short week this week due to the snow! I hope you have all had lots of fun playing and learning in the snow!

12th February 2018

In English this week we have created a text map to help us write our own version of Could a Penguin Ride a Bike? We have chosen to write about polar bears as we have learnt lots of facts about polar bears! 

In maths we have continued looking at money. We have been comparing amount s of money using <, > and =, we have also looked at how to find the different between amounts so we can give change. 

In topic we have created some Aurora Borealis art work using stencils and chalk. We have also looked at Major Tim Peake and Captain Robert Falcon Scott, and discovered they are famous explorers! We were so excited about space that we pretended to be astronauts and Mrs Beardsall bought some space food! We all tried some Neapolitan ice cream sandwich, which we thought was quite nice! 

5th February 2018

This week Mr Frosty wrote to the children asking them to find out which material was best to keep his hands from melting when he visited the Antarctic! The children were very excited and conducted a science experiment with the 4 spare hands Mr Frosty sent them. They wrapped each one in a different material: wool (gloves), paper, bubble wrap and tin foil. The children predicted the tin foil would be the best material to insulate Mr Frosty’s hands and stop them from melting, but our experiment showed us that bubble wrap was the best material to use! 

In maths we have continued with our money topic, and have used different coins to make the same amount, Jay, and Jayden each found 7 different ways of making 70p! 
Here they are using different coins to make the same amount.

In English we have been researching polar bears and creating a text map which we will be using to write our own version of ‘Could a penguin ride a bike?’ next week.

In spelling we have been have been looking at alternative pronunciations of ‘y’, and words with the /Ʒ/ sounds spelt as ‘s’, such as treasure, usual, and measure.