16th July 2018

Aspirations week- As part of our ‘Aspirations week’ we were really lucky to have Henry’s mum and dad come into our class to talk about their professions. We were so interested in their jobs and asked 100's of interesting questions.  We were able to learn lots about being a Mental Health Nurse and a Midwife!

These are our aspirations for what we would like to be when we are grown up!

Enterprise- As part of our enterprise, KS1 have made slime and we will be selling it at the Summer Fair for £1 a pot. It was really fun to make and very messy!

We have enjoyed Maths this week, we have been working practically to weigh different objects in the classroom.

We were very proud of Hope who has been working hard to improve her reading. She was so excited to read us a story at home time!

18th June 2018

We have had a really good week this week learning about road safety. We have had the emergency services in school and we were able to go out onto the playground and meet them. We had so much fun learning about what they do to keep us safe and we were even able to dress up in their uniform! The Air Ambulance flew past and we were able to wave to them which was so exciting. In class, we designed posters and went outside to measure how long it would take us to walk the distances on the leaflet. 100m took us 1 minute and 55 seconds! 

11th June 2018

English- We have started planning our stories about ‘The Ride of Passage’( ask us about this story). We are making sure we include lots of conjunctions such as but, when and because instead of using ‘and’ all the time.

Maths- We have been working very practically this week. We used Math equipment such as Numicon and Dienes to add two digit number together. We practised re grouping when crossing the tens boundary, using tens and ones which was a bit tricky! On Friday we used different coins to make the same amount. It was a very busy lesson but Mrs Robinson was very impressed with how much we knew amount money and how quickly we were able to make different amounts! 


Olivia brought in her homework she completed over half term which was an amazing castle! It must have taken her a long time. She was able to tell the class all the features her castle had! Well done Olivia