22nd January 2018

This week in English we have continued to work with the book, Could a Penguin Ride a Bike? We have used the book to help us understand different types of punctuation when writing statements, questions and exclamations. We have also looked at nouns and verbs and how we can use them in sentences.

Here we are sorting the sentences into the different types. 

In Maths, we have finished our work on 3D and 2D shapes this week. We have sorted shapes using their different properties and printed patterns using the shapes.

The children have really enjoyed looking at our new topic about the Polar Regions. We have discovered that Antarctica is a continent and does not have it’s own flag! We have also looked at which animals live in each Polar Region.

15th January 2018

Happy New Year

It’s lovely to be back after a fabulous Christmas holiday!
The children have been very excited to learn about our new topic, the Polar Regions! We have learnt where the Arctic Circle and Antarctica are in the world and the differences and similarities between them.

In English, we have been reading Could a Penguin Ride a Bike? The children have loved this book and have learnt a lot of penguin facts from the book. They have used these facts to make their own penguin fact displays. 


The children have also used their knowledge of Antarctica and penguins and pretended to be penguins and they have written postcards from Antarctica after the penguins return from a holiday in the United Kingdom! Here are some of their postcards below! 

In Maths we have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes and have started to learn their names and all about their different properties, such as edges, faces, vertices and sides.

18th December 2017

This week has been very busy with lots of Christmassy things happening! 

The children have been working hard to create tree decorations they could sell to raise money for our class at the Christmas Craft Fair on Wednesday. It was a lovely afternoon and we raised a good profit for our class to spend! Thank you to everyone who supported us at the Fair.
Here are some photos of us making the decorations and our finished products. 

On Friday, we had a lovely Christmas Party Day. The children came in their party clothes and brought some party food. We made party hats, then we had a very special visitor: Father Christmas came to see us! Father Christmas brought all the children an early Christmas present. In the afternoon we played party games and then we had our party food. It was a really lovely day and the children had lots of fun! 
Here are some photos of us with our special visitor! 

In Maths this week we used our number bonds and number lines to partition numbers and help us subtract, we have finished our unit on addition and subtraction and will now be moving on to learning about shapes next week.

In English we have been sorting and ordering emotion words and we will use these when rewriting our own Polar Express stories next week.

Olivia W was in the Hall of Fame this week! She showed a fantastic example of growth mindset and ability to apply her learning by independently using a white board to create a bar model. Olivia then used her knowledge of number bonds and number sentences to work out how to add the ones together and then the tens. Have a look at her work in Mrs Alford’s Hall of Fame! Well done Olivia! 

Our Explorer of the Week is Olivia W! Olivia is always eager to learn and shows great growth mindet ‘can do’ attitude in all her work! Well done Olivia!

Our attendance this week was….

We received 6 handshakes this week. This is also the last ever week of handshakes as they will changing in the new year, look out for the new system next year!

Have a look at the video of our Christmas Production! It is on our website in the KS1 section, just click on Snowy Chums. The children all did a fantastic job! Thank you for all your support with costumes and coming to watch our performance.    

Mrs Beardsall says….