7th May 2018

Maths- This week we finished our block of learning about multiplication and division. At the end of the week we completed a ‘hot task’ to show Mrs Beardsall and Mrs Robinson everything we have learnt about multiplication and division over the past few weeks. On Wednesday, we started our work on fractions. We started  learning about halves. We folded pieces of paper in lots of different ways to make two equal groups - it was lots of fun!  On Thursday, we revised ‘place value’ with Mrs Robinson. We had a practical lesson making 2 digit numbers using equipment such as coins, straws, numicon, place value cards and counters. On Friday, we drew pictures to help us add two or three numbers together.

English- In English, we used our text maps which we drew last week with Mrs Robinson to write our non fiction report about the ‘Retford Ridgeback Dragon. We used our maps to help us remember the heading names and important spellings we might need. 

We really enjoyed our music this week with Mrs Horner by making music to accompany the theme tune to ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ .

30th April 2018

In English this week, we wrote our recounts about our trip to Lincoln castle, using time words, wow words and key words. We used our planning sheets to help us remember all the fun things we did so we didn’t miss anything out! 

In Maths, we have continued with division by sharing and grouping. With Mrs Robinson, we used these skills to help us solve words problems involving sharing. 

In topic,we looked at materials, their properties and how this affects their uses. 

In Phonics we looked at the alternative spellings for /or/ (a and  augh. We also practised our spelling words for our Monday quiz.

23rd April 2018

It has been an exciting first week back after the Easter Holiday’s!


In Maths we have continued to work on multiplication and division, we have been practicing making equal groups and writing the related division sentence this week.

In English we have continued our work on dragons, this week focusing on the Retford Ridge-back dragon. Have you seen any dragons in Retford’s parks and gardens? We have also planned our recount of our trip to Lincoln Castle, which we will write next week.

In topic, we have continued learning about castles, this week we have been learning about materials, and what materials a castle may have been made out of. We went on a ‘materials hunt’ around the castle, we looked for wood, glass, plastic, metal and paper, and then discussed the properties and why they were a good choice.

On Thursday, we had a lovely day in the sun at Lincoln Castle!

We made shields and had a medieval banquet, complete with a King, Queen, Lord and a Lady, servers and jesters!

We then went on a very sunny and high wall walk around the castle.

Finally, we had a go at being knights! We shot a bow and arrow, dressed a knight and tried on some replica armour!

It was a very exciting day! A very big thank you to all the parent helpers who came along to support us on our trip!

This week we also achieved our very first 100% attendance! There were 5 classes this week who achieved 100% so we will be sharing the trophy and medals with them. We were very excited, and we hope to achieve the same next week

12th March 2018

In Maths this week, we have continued to work on repeated addition and multiplication sentences. We have done a lot of practical work, making equal groups, drawing picture to represent this and writing the number sentences in words. 

In English, we have continued working with the book, Tell Me a Dragon. We have re-written extracts, making sure we keep close to the original text. 
In topic we have sketched our own dragons. 
In RE we have been learning about celebrations. 

On Wednesday, we visited Captain Jacks in memory of Seth. We had a fabulous time, playing in the ball pool, and gliding down the slides. We even enjoyed a biscuit and a drink. Many thanks to all the parent and grandparent helpers, who came with us to help!

On Friday, we celebrated a belated World Book Day, with a ‘books and biscuit’ session first thing in the morning. Thank you to those who came and joined us!
What an exciting week! 
Our attendance this week was 99.5%