1st April 2019

In Maths we have begun learning about fractions.

We need to understand how to make equal groups. We followed these instructions…….

Pick your number from below.

Have a go!

Can you answer these questions?


This week we all turned a 2-D net shape in to a model Tudor House!


Here we are busy making our model houses like the ones that were burnt in The Great Fire of London.

25th March 2019

In Maths we have been learning how to use arrays to help us learn about multiplications.

Here we are playing a matching game. We had to match an array, a multiplication sentence and a number.

We then had some calculations and answers to match.

In English …..

We have been improving our grammar knowledge/

18th March 2019

We had an interesting day on Wednesday when Peter Hammond came to visit us. He is an archaeologist and has been to tell us all about The Great Fire of London and show us some interesting artefacts that he has dug up from London and The River Thames. We learned that the artefacts could give us clues to what life was like in 1666.

We had chance to touch and draw the artefacts. It was great!

We then got the chance to meet Samuel Pepys, who came to see us from the past!

He told us about the Great Fire and its effects on London. We have learned lots about this topic and are looking forward to reporting on it.

4th March 2019

In English …….

We have a new topic! The Great Fire of London.

This week we have been learning how to read and interpret historical texts.

We first decided what we wanted to find out about this historical event.

When we are reading and finding out answers to questions we follow this guide to help us.

We have worked with a partner to find out the answers to some questions about The Great Fire of London.

In Maths ……

We continue to develop our understanding of multiplication and division.

Can you make up some of these tables of your own?

We’ve been comparing numbers again using familiar mathematical symbol


We all worked through this together and drew pictures and wrote numbers that would help us.

We also wondered if we turned the multiplication numbers round if we got the same answer. We drew more pictures to find out. We noticed we did get the same answer! Why not try it!

We explored how we could make different arrays for the total 12.