26th March 2018

In English the children have been working on the correct use of commas and colons. During one of the lessons, they used colons to separate independent clauses using information about an animal which they had created. They then took on the roles of wildlife presenters and created their own TV clip – the videos for this will be on the blog next week!

In Maths the children have started work on algebra. Initially, letters in maths was terrifying for most of the children but they are now realising that it is not as scary or difficult as they first thought!

In Topic the children have been making ‘blood smoothies’ as part of their work on the heart and circulation. 

This week we also planted our onions. We were the first class to plant ours as this week we are determined to win the Carr Hill gardening competition! We all owe a big thanks to Jaime for his fantastic knowledge and the items which he has brought in to give us a head start!

Our ‘Star of the Week’ is Courtney because over the last few weeks she has tried so hard on all of her work and this is showing a positive impact on the work she is producing. Well done Courtney!