9th October 2017

In English this week we have started our work on free verse poetry. The children began by having a go at writing their own free verse poem about a subject which they are passionate about. Some children chose to write about their favourite sport or animal whereas others wrote about their friends or pets. Over the next few weeks we will be looking at the features of poetry.

In Maths we have been working on addition and subtraction. The children have begun by using the column method to add and subtract numbers up to seven digits and they then moved onto answering word problems.

In Topic we have been looking at the history of the Berlin Wall. The children were fascinated by it and asked lots of questions about the impact of the wall. Using this information, they have created their own leaflet about the wall.

On Tuesday the children were very excited about taking part in a graffiti workshop! They all thoroughly enjoyed the morning and were so excited about getting to create their own design after watching Leon who took the workshop. Their work will be on display in the Urban Pioneers Gallery which will be open to parents in a couple of weeks and they will then be able to bring their work home.

Our ‘Star of the Week’ is Isabelle because she has worked incredibly hard on her times tables and has now moved onto a more difficult speed square. Well done Isabelle!

We received ten handshakes.