22nd January 2018

Hurray! We have finally won another attendance award! It was a close call, but with 98.2% we are back on target. As a result of this, we have had an amazing week of learning and I have been blown away by how much progress everybody has made. We also had our first house points count up, and the winning house for the week was Diamond.

In Maths we have been looking at multiplication, with a focus on how to multiply 3 number together. Despite beginning the week without a clue how to do this, everybody is now confident in performing this skill and can explain why they have chosen to solve calculations in a particular order.

In English we began work on hyperbole – exaggerating the truth to make descriptions more vivid and interesting. We have had a particular focus on the difference between simile and metaphor, and have been spotting examples of each in writing, as well as having a go at creating our own. As we are looking at descriptions, we played a fantastic game in our SPaG lesson that involved generating ridiculous expanded noun phrases to include in a sentence. We had to think of 6 determiners, 6 adjectives, 6 nouns, etc, then roll a die to see which word we had to use. Have a look at our examples below.

You may have heard that we had a somewhat disastrous Science lesson when our ‘volcano in a jar’ tried to escape! We were trying to see how a volcano works, and used a piece of wax in a glass jar which we covered in sand. We topped this up with water, then heated it. In theory, as the wax melts, it begins to push up through the sand, simulating the effects of lava erupting from a volcano. Unfortunately our first attempt was a failure as the glass jar broke and leaked. Using our growth mindset skills and knowing that we can’t just give up, we had another go – this time it was a success! Take a look at our video to see this amazing experiment in process.

Thank you to everyone who is encouraging their child to practice their reading, spelling and times tables at home. There has been a huge improvement in spelling results this term, and I am pleased that so many children are becoming more confident in their times tables. Remember, to truly master them you must be able to use them to solve division problems too. As an extra incentive, we now have a Hamster Points Chart. I am awarding points for reading at home, moving up a times tables level, and scoring at least 8/10 on spelling tests. I have also been giving our bonus points for anyone doing independent learning at home. I have suggested this week that they might like to find out about the volcanic eruption in the Phillipines or research Phillip Pullman who is our author of the moment.

The table that scores the most Hamster Points gets the honour of cleaning out Pikelet’s cage! It is a much more rewarding treat than it sounds, I promise! This week’s winners were the K2 table. Take a look at some of the fun they had with Pikelet! Good luck for next week everyone!