25th September 2017


It’s been another busy week in 4DE. We have had the chance to run for the positions of Class Councillor and Green Champions. Children who wished to run for the position of Class Councillor were asked to prepare a short speech to present to the class, allowing us to make a considered choice when voting. We are pleased to announce that our Class Councillor in 4DE is Ruby Todd, with Savannah Hunt as her second. The Green Champions this year will be Bret Tinto and Leo Robinson.

We have been taking part in lots of fun and challenging learning activities. Most of us have completed our biographies on Danny Elfman. As we learnt about fronted adverbials as the start of the week, it has been pleasing to see how many of the children were able to use these in their writing. 

In Maths we have begun to look at rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. Some of us found this quite tricky, so we will consolidate our learning next week before moving onto more place value work. Our highlight in Maths was an Indiana Jones themed investigation, designed to test our memory of Roman Numerals, which was our Maths topic in Week 1. All of Year 4 worked together to match up Roman Numerals to Arabic numbers, and to decipher the message that appeared when the patterns on the number pieces of paper were placed together. The children showed a brilliant understanding of Roman Numerals and were able to explain how Roman Numerals were formed in impressive detail.

Right at the start of the week, we had a fabulous Science lesson where we had to use our knowledge of shadows to work out when to try to break out of a prison cell! This was part of our ‘Can you escape Colditz Castle?’ unit, investigating how light works. We used a glue stick, a torch and a whiteboard to look at how shadows were formed, and planned our escape by considering where we thought the guard was based on the size of his shadow.

After Mrs Goulder was astounded to discover that receiving an attendance award meant we could have cake as a treat, everyone has ensured that they were in school every day, giving us an amazing 100% attendance! Well done! We will decide whether to spend or save our award next week. We earned a respectable 9 handshakes. However, after discovering that the winning class had 23 handshakes, we have discussed how to improve our behaviour and manners in the hope that our efforts will be recognised by other teachers and we can increase our score.

Also, a reminder that homework has been sent home this week. If you haven’t seen a Maths booklet, spelling booklet, topic homework or newsletter, please have a rummage in the bottom of school bags!!